Love & Pop,

Love & Pop,
Date: 1998
Parts: 2
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Do you want some cash?”” High school girl Hiromi doesn’t have the direction in life that her friends already have. Her friends were going to buy her a ring by taking part in enjo-kosai, but she refuses to take the money for a reason she can’t explain. She decides to make money from enjo-kosai** on her own to buy the ring before the jewellery shop closes at 9PM. As she races against time, she eventually gets in over her head in the misogynistic world of enjo-kosai. [** Enjo-kosai (compensated dating) is a practice in Japan where older businessmen pay teenage girls for prostitution or, more commonly, to simply hang out with them.] Based on Ryu Murakami’s novel, ‘Topaz II’. Asumi Miwa – Hiromi Yukie Nakama (Gokusen) – Chieko Hirono Kudo – Nao Toru Tezuka – Uehara Tadanobu Asano – Captain E.O. Ikkei Watanabe – Kobayashi Kirari – Chisa Noda Megumi Hayashibara – Voice Akira Ishida – Voice Kotono Mitsuishi – Voice Leo Morimoto – Hiromi’s father Nana Okada – Hiromi’s mother

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