Love Exposure,

Love Exposure,
Genre: Romance.
Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”These days, women want it all: good job, hot romance, and incredible sex.”” Jung Wan is a 32-year-old fledging photographer who has no desire to get married. When it comes to romance, she holds no illusions nor fairytale fantasies. But lately, she notices that her skin is beginning to look rather dry and dull, and her body stricken with minor aches here and there. She concludes that what she needs is a man, or rather sex to revitalize her aging body. Then there is Hee Soo , her childhood friend who shocked everyone when she married a homely, pot-bellied man. An attractive housewife with plenty of dating experience under her belt, Hee Soo sees her husband as a security blanket and a lifetime ticket to free spending and no worries. But all hell breaks loose when Jung Won finally meets her Prince Charming and Hee Soo realizes her only insurance in life is about to expire. Love and marriage were never meant to be this complicated – or are they? Lee Mi-yeon – Seo Jeong-wan Lee Tae-ran – Yoon Hee-soo Kim Joon-seong – Kwon Yeong-ho Yoon Je-moon – Kim Hyeong-sik Kim Byeong-choon – Kim Yong-ho

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