Love At Sarangbang

Love At Sarangbang, The Houseguest of My Mother, Swindler In My Mom’s House

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: What do you get when you put Jung Jun Ho (My Boss, My Student) and Kim Won Hee (Marrying the Mafia 2) together in the same movie? One hundred minutes of belly-clenching laughter! When it comes to comedy, Jung Jun Ho and Kim Won Hee know the best. They star in the hilarious comedy Swindler In My Mom’s House, a remake of the 1961 classic film Mother and A Guest that earned legendary director Shin Sang Ok a Best Director prize at the 1st Daejong Film Awards. Director Im Young Sung, previously assistant director for Shadowless Sword, gives the classic a dramatic facelift filled with slapstick comedy and hilarious episodes. The once dignified male protagonist is now portrayed as a wretched swindler, the demure widow as a lustful woman with an insatiable appetite for her newfound prey. Hae Joo (Kim Won Hee) is a simple-minded, young mother who makes a living by renting out a room to passing travelers and selling flowers. Her undeniable beauty makes her the object of desire amongst the many bachelors in their small rural village. But the lonely widow has her heart set on her new visitor from Seoul, tall and good-looking veterinarian Duk Geun (Jung Jun Ho). Never the shy type, Hae Joo literally throws herself on him, much to dismay of her daughter and longtime admirer Sung Chil. For Duk Geun, a swindler in pursuit of money, Hae Joo’s overtness is a nuisance – until he discovers her one million-dollar bank account. All of a sudden, there is a swift turn in the tide and Duk Geun is the one trying to win Hae Joo’s heart using all of his known techniques. But, watch out, this naive-looking widow is not to be underestimated. Jeong Jun-Ho Kim Won-Hee Go Eun-A(a) Im Hyung-Jun Lee Jae-Hun Park Jin-Taek Song Jae-Hee Choi Jong-Hun Kim Ji-Young(a) Keon Oh-Jung Lee Han-Wi Kim Hae-Gon Na Kyung-Mi

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