Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone, Ah ma yau nan
Date: 2004
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Man and Kit are twins who look utterly alike. When they were eight, their parents divorced. Man lived with his mother in Hong Kong while Kit migrated to Thailand with his father One day in their late twenties, Kit goes back to Hong Kong to visit Man. They still look utterly alike and start to share their lives over the past ten years. During the talk, Kit suddenly wants to have a drive. Without saying a word, Man passes his ID and driving licence to Kit. They exchange their identities again. But they dont realize that tis time they may not be able to exchange their identities back. Kenny Bee … Jane’s Dad Ekin Cheng … Yiu Chun-Man/Yiu Chun-Kit Charlene Choi … Jane Lawrence Chou Jan Lamb … Kuk Jing Chung Chi Wah Wong … King

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