Kowai Onna

Kowai Onna, ????, Scary Woman, Fearful Woman, Unholy Women

Genre: Horror.
Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An anthology of three horror short movies including: Kata-kata (Rattle Rattle) One day, Kanako hears a rattling sound in front of a building while walking home. The moment she looks up, something hits her hard. She loses consciousness for a while. When she wakes up and finds that she’s unhurt, she then continues her way home. As soon as she arrives, she starts seeing a deformed woman who begins to haunt her. Hagane (Steel) Sekiguchi is a young car mechanic leading an unexciting life. That all changes when one day his boss asks him to take his attractive sister on a drive. To Sekiguchi’s surprise, his hot date is covered from head to waist by a sack. Uketsugu mono (Successor) Divorcee Saeko decides to leave the city with her 7-year-old son Michio to live with her bedridden mother. One day, Michio sees his mother staring at a wooden chest in a shed. From then on, Saeko’s behaviour becomes more and more strange. Kata-kata Nakakoshi Noriko – Yoshizawa Kanako Toyohara Kousuke – Tasaki Akira Kobayashi Yuuko – Katakata Hagane Emoto Tasuku – Sekiguchi Mikio Kagawa Teruyuki – Takahashi Tetsu Nahana – Takahashi Hagane Uketsugu mono Meguro Maki – Hishikawa Saeko Suga Kenta – Hishikawa Michio Hidari Tokie – Hishikawa Toshie Matsuoka Shunsuke – Kaji Nozomu

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