Jam Films S,

Jam Films S,
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2005
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This is the latest release in this fascinating anthology series, where each segment is made by a different filmmaker. The overall theme here is the letter “”S”” which stands for Succession (AKA Inheritance), Success and Special. Each of the seven segments, produced under the supervision of Ryuhei Kitamura (“”Versus,”” “”Godzilla Final Wars””), run from 12 to 18 minutes. “”Tuesday”” ( Zeebra/directed by Kenji Sonoda) “”Heaven Sent”” ( Kenichi Endo/directed by Ryuichi Takatsu) “”Blouse”” ( Koyuki and Ren Osugi/directed by Hitoshi Ishikawa) “”New Horizon”” ( Haruya Ayase/directed by Ryo Teshima) “”Suberidai”” ( Satomi Ishihara and Masayoshi Yamazaki/directed by Yuichi Abe) “”Alpha”” ( Rina Uchiyama and Suneohair/directed by Daisaburo Harada) “”Suit”” ( Naoto Fujiki and Manami Konishi/directed by Masaki Hamamoto) Haruka Ayase Kenichi Endo Naohito Fujiki Vincent Giry Satomi Ishihara Manami Konishi Koyuki Ren Osugi Otoha Rina Uchiyama Masayoshi Yamazaki Zeebra

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