Hooked On You

Hooked On You, Mui dong bin wan si
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2007
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: It is the summer of 1997, 27-year old Miu starts working as a fishmonger at Fortune Market to pay the heavy debts of her philandering father. She sets a 3-year plan for herself: before she turns 30, she shall clear her father’s debts, leave the wet market, find a man worthy of her and break the spell of her bad karma. No sooner has she set foot on the Markey than she finds herself at loggerheads with Mr Fish in neighboring stall. A fierce battle of survival is unleashed, only to turn into a mutual entente when the existence of Fortune Market is jeopardized by the aggressive emergence of supermarket mega-stores. Their camaraderie has blossomed into deeper feelings for each other, an unanticipated development that Miu is not ready to embrace. After years of shunning love, Miu finally comes to an epiphany: criteria, identities and deadlines have no significance ultimately, what truly matters is finding this special someone whom you love and treasure.. Miriam Yeung – Miu (as Miriam Yeung) Eason Chan – Fishman Huang Bo – Butcher Shui-Fan Fung – Miu’s Father Siu-fung Fung Kin Kwan Amy Chum Farini Cheung – Tofu Ping Marie Zhuge Lu Si Xie Sai Man Ho Wah Wo Wong Kung Chan Yuan-kei Chan – Fung David Lo – Uncle Right

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