Happy Ghost II

Happy Ghost II, Hoi sam gwai fong sue ga, Kai xin gui fang shu jia
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural.
Date: 1985
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”The happy ghost lives again as a school teacher dealing with rambunctious girl students.”” A friendly ghost has been reincarnated. He takes at a job as a school teacher for a class that includes several practical joke specialists. The girls have a bit of a mean spirit in them and their antics have scared away all previous instructors. Their new teacher has a secret trick up his sleeve, though: supernatural powers. Bak-Ming Wong – Hong Sam-Kwai/Happy Ghost Fennie Yuen – Thai Chek-Yee May Lo Mei-Mei – May Kan Charine Chan – Yiu-King Melvin Wong – Rival Coach Clifton Ko – Judge Maan Loh Chan – Principal Gigi Lai Kee-chan Tang – Uncle Tang

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