Hanging Garden,

Hanging Garden,
Genre: Family.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”We never conceal the truth, no subject is taboo. We try to share everything with each other.”” This is a family rule for the Kyobashi’s. The family moved into Danchi, a housing project in a town developed during Japan’s economic boom, believing a bright future was awaiting them at a new place. But with the passing of time, their hope was reduced to a dream long forgotten. They ended up acting up a good family, with each member harboring secrets. Daughter Mana is habitually skipping classes and spending her time at a large-scale shopping mall. She even goes to bed with men she hardly knows. Younger brother Ko is no different. He is always hanging out on the street, trying to beat a sense of frustration that’s been hanging heavy on him for no apparent reason. Father Takashi is busy having affairs, always bossed around by his new lover Mina. Mother Eriko seems to be having a fulfilling life, working part-time at a noodle restaurant and paying frequent visits to her mother Satoko at hospital. But the fact is Eriko is struggling to find out how to relate to her mother while being haunted by memory of her childhood days which she spent in total isolation from society. Besetzung in alphabetischer Reihenfolge: Seiji Chihara Eita – Tezuka Masahiro Hirota – Ko Kyobashi Asami Imajuku – Sacchin Itsuji Itao – Takashi Kyobashi Ryo Katsuji – Morisaki (as RyĆ“ Katsuji) Jun Kunimura – Eriko’s brother Hiromi Nagasaku – Asako Iizuka Seiroku Nakazawa

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