Got 2 Believe,

Got 2 Believe,
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2002
Parts: 2
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Isn’t it strange that when you try to avoid a person you intensely dislike, the more you come across him/her? This is exactly the circumstance between Toni and Lorenz, two people who want absolutely nothing to do with each other, but cannot escape nature’s insistence on keeping them together. Actually, it may or may not be a matter of fate. It just so happens that they move in the same circle and milieu. Claudine Barretto – Antonia ‘Toni’ Villacosta Rico Yan – Lorenz Montinola Dominic Ochoa – Perry Carlo Muñoz – Arnold Nikki Valdez – Karen Cherry Pie Picache – Luisa Villacosta Noel Trinidad – Toni’s Dad Laura James – Toni’s Younger Sister Angel Jacob – Toni’s Older Sister Vhong Navarro – Rudolph Wilma Doesnt – Catherine Garcia Maribeth Bichara – Toni’s Aunt Jackie illejos – Toni’s Aunt Nina Ricci Alagao – George Cherry Lou – Toni’s Bridesmaid

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