Gong Tau

Gong Tau, An Oriental Black Magic

Genre: Horror.
Date: 2007
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Notorious Untold Story director Herman Yau returns to terrify viewers with this supernaturally-charged tale concerning a Hong Kong policeman whose extramarital affair literally comes back to haunt him. Cheung Lok-man (Mark Cheng) is a hard-boiled CID detective who is better known as “”Rockman”” by his fellow law enforcers, and who previously entered into a heated tryst with sultry stripper Elli (Teng Tzu-hsuen) while in Thailand investigating a case involving both the Hong Kong and Thai underground syndicates. Unexpectedly summoned back to Hong Kong, Rockman promises Elli that he will return for her sometime in the not too distant future but ultimately fails to make good on his word. Mark Cheng – Officer Rockman Cheung Maggie Siu – Karpi Cheung Suet Lam – Officer ‘Brother’ Sum (as Lam Suet) Tak-bun Wong – Lam Chiu (as Kenny Wong) Yu Gu – Lockman (as Kris Gu) Shiu Hung Hui – Wah (as Hui Shiu Hung)

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