Galgalri Family 2,

Galgalri Family 2,
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Gag Concert gang is back! One of the most popular stand-up comedy shows in Korea, Gag Concert is bringing back the tradition of comedy for children, which was made popular by none other than Shim Hyung Rae, now director of films like Yonggari and D-War. After the previous two Galgari installments, Galgari Family & Dracula (a hilarious pastiche of Hong Kong horror comedies and kung fu flicks, with some Korean traditions thrown in the mix) and Magic Police, the gang returns with Galgari Family 2, directed by the legendary Nam Ki Nam, one of the most prolific Korean directors of all time. What if the son of a gangster and the president’s son became rivals? Transferring to the same school on the same day, Bada and Haneul (Sea and Sky!) find themselves fighting for the same girl, Mina. They’re just kids, it’s understandable. Problem is the grown ups who follow them also start fighting each other in the strangest of ways. Starring in the show are Kim Hyun Sook of the Chulsandra segment, Kim Shi Deok, Kim Byung Man of the Crying Fist segment, and impersonation queen Kang Ju Hee, along with plenty of other Gag Concert stars. Park Joon Hyung Jung Jong Chul Lee Seung Hwan

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