Fight Back To School

Fight Back To School, Tao xue wei long, ????
Genre: Comedy.
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This movie one of the more successful films Stephen Chow was able to make during his more prolific years, arguably due to the commercial and critical success of 1990’s All For The Winner. The talented cast features many of Chow’s would-be long-term collaborators, such as Cheung Man and Ng Man-Tat, who both starred in All For The Winner. Owing to this success, the film spawned two successful sequels and a spin-off which retained much of the cast. A police chief has lost his pistol to young thieves and Hong Kong special unit trainer Star Chow (Stephen Chow) is sent undercover as a student to a prep school to find it while stern teachers, bullies, smugglers, and homework all stand in his way.

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