Eye In The Sky,

Eye In The Sky,
Genre: Comedy, Thriller.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) is the undercover division of the Hong Kong police. Its agents appear to be ordinary people, and they possess the ability to adapt perfectly to any environment in order to carry out secret surveillance. Captain Huang orders rookie Bo and other agents to infiltrate a suspected armed robbery ring. They quickly discover the criminals’ plans for a jewelry heist. The investigations eventually focus on the invisible leader of the gang: Chen seems like a mild-mannered bookworm, but he is actually a master criminal who excels in eluding the police. When he realizes that Captain Huang’s team is closing in on him, Chen decides to call off the heist. But his decision comes too late: Captain Huang manages to trace the mastermind’s phonecall and locate him. The gang members are killed when the police storm their hideout; Chen survives, but must go into hiding after brutally killing a cop. Chen’s disappearance brings the investigation to a dead end and the Criminal Intelligence Bureau is assigned a kidnapping case. Bo realizes that an error on her part led to Chen’s escape, and she begins to doubt her abilities. During the course of her investigations in the new case, she runs into Chen, who is getting ready to leave town. With backup from Captain Huang, Bo pursues him. But when Chen unexpectedly attacks and wounds the Captain, Bo continues the difficult search for the elusive criminal on her own. Tony Leung Ka Fai – Shan Simon Yam – Dog Head (Captain Wong) Kate Tsui – Piggy (Bobo) Siu-Fai Cheung Wai Leung Hung – Andy Yiu-Cheung Lai Suet Lam – Fatman Kwok Shing Lau – Master Ting Yip Ng Samuel Pang Maggie Siu – Madam Suet-sum Tse – Master’s wife (Source: IMDB)

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