Dragon Reloaded,

Dragon Reloaded,
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: Dragon Loaded 2003 fans rejoice! Writer and Director Vincent Kok has brought Ronald Cheng and cast back for a hilarious sequel. Called “”Dragon Reloaded””, this movie takes place 2 years after the first movie and Lung Wai, Hei and Gold are still police constables with the Hong Kong police force. Having just been dumped by Stephy, Lung Wai joins Hei, Gold and Tang Sir to an exclusive island spa resort to relax only to discover that it falls short of it’s reputation. Just as the gang has had enough of the island and it’s shifty villagers, they find themselves in the middle of a police sting and inadvertently ruin it; allowing a thief to flee with the village icon. Now dubbed “”jinxes”” by the villagers, Wai, Hei and Gold now must live and work on the small island as detectives to redeem themselves and catch the thief who stole the precious statue. Fans of the Dragon Loaded 2003 will find this movie just as funny. The chemistry between the actors provide some great on-screen comedy and at times, you can actually see the actors about ready to break out into uncontrollable laughter. Though still wacky and entertaining to watch, Ronald Cheng’s character (Lung Wai) has matured since the last film and is less outrageous in this movie. Nevertheless, Cheng’s character is still the “”star of the show”” and has great chemistry with on screen buddies Tat-Ming Cheung (Gold) and Sam Lee (Hei). Chi-Fung Tang reprises his role as the serious but sometimes goofy “”Tang Sir”” while Miki Yeung replaces her fellow Cookies band mate Stephy Tang as Lung Wai’s love interest. Ken Lo adds some great comedic moments as Tiger; the village bully. The movie reuses a few gags and jokes from the first film but considering it is also written and directed by Vincent Kok, you can expect lots of comedy, witty dialogue and hilarious moments. Fans of the Dragon Loaded 2003 will love this movie.

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