Dasepo Naughty Girls

Dasepo Naughty Girls, Dasepo sonyo
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on the popular Internet novel, “”Multi-Cell Girl””, the film takes place in “”No-Use High School””, a school renowned for its sexual aberrations. The student body is comprised of sexually ambiguous teenagers, and the student president and vice-present flaunt their taste for S&M. Independent study and supplementary classes are done on homosexuality and transgenderism, and teachers and students alike leave school early because of sexually-transmitted diseases. But amidst this environment, there are some that just can’t adapt. Among them: “”Poor Girl””, a student who earns money for her family by sleeping with older men; “”Anthony””, a luxurious pretty-boy from Switzerland; and “”One-Eye””, the school’s sole virgin. Poor Girl falls in love with Anthony at first sight. Meanwhile, Anthony is struck by One-Eye’s brother “”Two Eyes”” and feels confused about his sexuality.

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