Crazy Thunder Road

Crazy Thunder Road, Kuruizaki Sandaa Rodo

Genre: Action.
Date: 1980
Parts: 2
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Jin, an antagonistic youth, tries to take over a motorcycle gang once its leader, Ken, announces he’s going to retire and settle down with his girlfriend. But things aren’t so easy for Jin. The other gangs have united, and decide that Jin’s reckless ways are a thing of the past, so they band together to take him and his four followers out. Add in a group of militaristic “”Ultra-Righters,”” and you have what amounts to a Japanese version of “”Mad Max,”” with a bit of “”A Clockwork Orange”” and a whole lot of boredom thrown in. Cast: Tatsuo Yamada Masamitsu Oike Toshiji Kobayashi Koji Nanjo

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