Chungking Express

Chungking Express, ????, ????, Chong qing sen lin, Chungking Jungle, Chungking Forest, Hong Kong Express

Genre: Romance.
Date: 1994
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”If my memory of her has an expiration date, please let it be 10,000 years…”” The plot is pretty simple: It’s the story of two cops dealing with love and relationships in the fast-paced world of Hong Kong. The first part concentrates on Cop 223 who pines for the girlfriend who dumped him. Every night, he goes through a series of strange rituals hoping to get her back. When they seem to fail, he goes on a series of binges, first eating all the pineapple he can pick up and then heading to a local watering hole where he gets well and truly soused, after which he meets up with a mysterious woman with blonde wig. The second story focuses on Cop 663 who also has gone through a break-up, as he develops a strange relationship with an eccentric girl who works at the local cafe, Chungking Express. Tony Leung – Cop 663 Takeshi Kaneshiro – Cop 223 Faye Wong – Faye Brigitte Lin – Woman with blonde wig Valerie Chow – Air Hostess

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