Chi-hwa-seon, ???, Chihwaseon, Painted Fire, Drunk on Women and Poetry, Strokes of Fire
Genre: Period, Romance.
Date: 2002
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The film looks at the life of renowned 19th-century Korean painter ?Ohwon? Jang Seung-up, a symbolic figure during a tumultuous time in Korean history. Im paints an exquisite picture of a personality that matched the social atmosphere of his time ? irreverent to tradition, Ohwon ascended from his lower-caste upbringing to become a revolutionary figurehead during the fading of the insular and conservative Chosun dynasty. He also lived his life in a reckless, uncompromising manner, and Im isn?t afraid to reveal the tumult that often fuelled his art. Scene after scene blends masterfully with the work of Ohwon?s paint brush, and the power of images and symbols reveal not only a great artist, but also a pivotal era in Korean history. Min-sik Choi – Jang Seung-up Sung-kee Ahn – Kim Byung-Moon Ho-jeong Yu – Mae-hyang Yeo-jin Kim – Jin-jong Ye-jin Son – So-woon

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