Bug Me Not

Bug Me Not, Chung Buk Ji

Date: 2005
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Moon (Isabela Leong) is a young misfit who has the abilities to talk to bugs. Moon has always been perceived as a “”misfit”” because she spoke baby talk too long. She has a crush on a boy named Hyland (Wilson Chen) who works in a store owned by his father, across the street from her house. Unknown to Moon, Hyland has a serious problem with body contact with other people. Moon also meets Coochie (Jan Lamb), an annoying ladybug who speaks to her and becomes part of her daily life, advising her, but mostly annoying her. Moon meets a band of kids who also has abilities, including telekinetic twins, a high jumping teen, a fortune teller, a boy with x-ray vision and is a semi-pervert. Leading these misfits is a woman named Auntie (Gillian Chung) who looks early to mid 20s but her actual age is 70. Auntie wants both Moon and Hyland to join her band of misfits because of Moon’s abilities and Hyland’s ability to dodge from other people’s attacks, i.e. superspeed.

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