Booth, B?su, Buusu, The Booth

Genre: Psycological, Thriller.
Date: 2005
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Liar. You’re such a liar!”” Shingo Katsumata is the popular host of a late-night radio show, “”Tokyo Love Lines””. One day, at the station, there was a sudden change of studios and he had to use a different, unfamiliar one. A studio which came with a legend, which originates with the death of an announcer who mysteriously died many years before. On this night Shingo’s radio show began as usual with phone calls from listeners talking about problems with their love lives. The topic was “”unpardonable words””. He was listening to a caller – a school student – talking about her problems with boys when suddenly he heard eerie laughter and a different female voice whispering, “”Liar””. Interference? If not, then what…? There was panic inside the studio but regardless the show had to go on. The accusing voice threatened Shingo on the air with suspicions, which recalled past betrayals and a young man’s arrogance. It was as if Shingo had fallen victim to a curse, and that he was being marked for death. Ry?ta Sat? (Ryuuta Satou) – Shingo Katsumata Mansaku Ikeuchi – Yamamoto Makoto Ashikawa – Oogouchi Maiko Asano – Noriko Yagyuu Masaki Miura – Hasegawa Mai Takahashi Mai – Sayaka Okazaki Hijiri Kojima – Mihoko Mabuchi

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