Beauty and the breast

Beauty and the breast, Fung hung bei cup

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2002
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Mario works in an ointment company. He spends most of his time flirting with office girls or sucking up to the boss’s son. The moment he catches sight of Yuki, a pretty woman who has just joined the company, he makes a bet that he will win her heart within 72 hours. Pretending that he has a brain tumor and not long to live, he successfully dupes her into falling “”in love”” with him. Meanwhile, the boss’s son has decided to modernize his family business by replacing the obsolescent ointment with a whole new line of breast enlargement products. No sooner have a couple of voluptuous experts been employed than the new product is ready for the market. Francis Ng – Mario Michelle Reis – Yuki Daniel Wu – Harper Halina Tam – Amy Amanda Strang – Ada Angela Tong Ying-Ying – Lilliana Sophie Ngan Chin Man – Cathalina Matt Chow – Brother Fat (as Matt Chow Hoi-Kwong) Chi Chung Lam – Choi Yut Fei Wong – Chan Pak Cheung Tian-lin Wang – Tin Lam Wong

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