April Story

April Story, Shigatsu monogatari

Date: 1998
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Uzuki Nireno bids goodbye to her family in Hokkaido – in the very north of Japan – and climbs on a train bound for Tokyo to attend the university of her choice. She deals with her new situation with poise and strength. She flirts with the movers, sets up her apartment, buys a new bicycle and admires her view of the cherry blossom-filled yard. Uzuki approaches her suspicious neighbour and ultimately befriends her. She is shy at school, not responding to the jocular teasing of the boys in front of her. She is particularly embarrassed when a teacher asks her to explain why she chose this university. A mystery for most of the film, she gets close to a slack-jawed tomboy and joins the fly-fishing club, the mystery unravels. Cast Takako Matsu – Nireno, Uzuki Seiichi Tanabe – Yamazaki Kahori Fujii – Kitao, Teruko Rumi – Saeko Sono Kazuhiko Kato – Kato Ken Mitsuishi – Salaryman Fu no Otoko Yosuke Eguchi – Oda Nobunaga Tatsuya Ishii – Akechi Mitsuhide Masat? Ibu – Saito Toshizo Yoshiro Matsumoto – Father Noriko Fujima – Mother Somegoro Ichikawa – Son Kibo Matsumoto – Daughter Sansei Shiomi – Shoji Tsunekazu Umeda – Removalist

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