Angel’s Egg

Angel’s Egg, ????, Tenshi No Tamago

Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Is the person by your side really the one you love? Based on an award-winning novel by Murayama Yuka, Tenshi no Tamago is a heartwrenching tale of youth and yearning, and following one’s heart, no matter the cost. Nineteen-year-old Ayuta is an aspiring artist studying to retake his university entrance exams. His girlfriend Natsuki has already entered university. In everyone eye’s, Natsuki and Ayata seem like the perfect couple. One day, Ayuta sees a beautiful woman on the train, and falls in love with her at first sight. A few days later, he visits his hospitalized father, and discovers that the woman on the train is not only his father’s new doctor but also Natsuki’s older sister, Haruhi. Already scarred from past relationships, Haruhi cannot possibly accept someone eight years younger than her. And yet Ayuta’s determination slowly opens her heart to new possibilities, if only she can find the courage to love again. Cast Hayato Ichihara – Ayuta Ipponyari Manami Konishi – Haruhi Godo Erika Sawajiri – Natsuki Saito Tomokazu Miura – Shibusawa Kazuma Suzuki – Hasegawa Keiko Toda – Sachie Ipponyari So Kitamura – Naoki Ipponyari

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