All’s Well Ends Well

All’s Well Ends Well, 97????, 97 ga yau hei si, All’s Well, Ends Well ’97

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1997
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kung is the spoiled youngest brother of three: no job, no education, plenty of money, plenty of girlfriends, and a good home, whom he shares with the two brothers Lo Leung and Fei, his sister-in-law, and his wise father, Mr. Lo. On his upcoming birthday, as a cruel but well-executed prank, Leung and Fei will feign a lottery win worth $30 million using a useless ticket and a recorded tape bearing the lottery pick from a previous night, all as Kung’s birthday present. Excessive greed causes Kung to fall for it, and he immediately goes out with a selected girlfriend, Gigi, and hits it off at a night club. Instead he runs afoul of Triad member Brother Smartie, who wants a game of dice. Kung easily loses $1 million, as well as $5000 to Gigi, and he relies on his “”winnings”” in order to pay it all back. When he finally discovers he never won the lottery (much to his shock and dismay), he decides to fake being mentally retarded, a feat which he pulls off quite well. Then he learns he gains more benefits that way, so he chooses to remain mentally ill for the time being. However, he has to learn the true meaning of life and to take what life has to offer but not ask for more. Cast Stephen Chow – Lo Kung Raymond Wong – Lo Leung Francis Ng – Lo Fei Roy Chiao – Mr. Lo Christine Ng – Yinsu Wu Chien-lien – Shenny Christy Chung – Little Shien Gigi Lai – Gigi Amanda Lee – Monalisa Kam/Herself Simon Lui – Brother Smartie Emil Chau – Long Law Ho Kai – Mr. Ting Law Koon-Lan – Mrs. Ting

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