Yu Gi Oh! Dub Battle Ship Arc

Yu Gi Oh! Dub Battle Ship Arc, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, ????????? ??????, Yu?gi?o Dyueru Monsutazu

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy.
Date: 4 2000
Episodes: 17
Language: English

Casts: 4 Kids Entertainment

Synopsis: When Kaiba hears of the three legendary God Cards, Kaiba believes that with the three cards in his deck, he will be able to defeat Yugi. In order to obtain the God Cards, Kaiba hosts a tournament to take place in the streets of Domino, with the rule that each person that enters the tournament must ante up a card for the winners of the duels to keep. Meanwhile, Yugi hears of the three God Cards and how they are tied to an ancient Egyptian legend – one that involves the nameless Pharaoh. At the same time, Marik Ishtar, guardian of the Pharaoh`s Tomb, wants the Pharaoh`s power for himself, and seeks to defeat Yugi. In the Japanese version, he actually wishes to torture and kill Yugi for revenge and to free his family from serving the Nameless Pharaoh.

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