Yu Gi Oh! 5D’s Dub

Yu Gi Oh! 5D’s Dub, ????????, Yu-Gi-Oh! Faibu Dizu

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy..
Date: 4 2008
Episodes: Unknown
Language: English

Casts: 4 Kids Entertainment

Synopsis: Starting on April 2nd 2008 In Japan & September 13 2008 In The United States, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D`s succeeded Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as the primary Yu-Gi-Oh! series in Japan, after GX ended in March. The new series features new characters including Yusei Fudo (the cool and intelligent duelist of the future), Aki Izayoi (the girl of the group, with a mysterious ESP power), twins Rua and Ruka (one calm and collected, the other lively and blundering) and Jack Atlas (the mysterious and powerful King of Riding Duelists).

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