Yatterman Remake

Yatterman Remake, ??????, Yattaman 2

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 01 2008
Episodes: 70
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A remake from the `70 classic Yatterman series. Almost 31 years after the beginning of the original series, a remake has started airing on Yomiuri TV, basically a retelling of the original story updated to fit the tastes of a more modern public. Doronbo trio`s boss Dokurobei sends the gang to find five Dokuro Rings (in the original series there was only the Dokuro Stone) that when united, they will grant any wish. Ganchan, still a young genius, is now a slacker, easily distracted, and a foil for the the more serious, reliable and responsible Ai-chan. Ai-chan itself is now mellowed in a cuter, childlike personality, at least in her flirtatious relationship with Ganchan: in this reloading of the myth, Yatterwan was meant as a birthday gift for her, to ease her desire to go driving with her boyfriend. As a gift for Ai-chan, and displaying some degree of preference for her instead of his creator, Yatterwan appears now more incline to follow every whim and order of her mistress instead of the ones given by Ganchan himself. Aside from this quirk, Yatterwan is still the same, acting in battle as his former incarnation. The plot has stayed largely the same, sporting an episodical structure in which the Doronbo Gang plots a scam, that usually backfires in a spectacular way; they`re engaged by Dokurobee to get the Dokuro Ring hidden elsewhere with a new mecha of their own making, they`re stopped by Yatterwan, with the surplus energy given by the “”Mecha Food”” supplied by Ai-chan, and they`re left tattered and in rags to be punished by Dokurobee himself.

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