Windy Tales

Windy Tales, Fuujin Monogatari, ????

Genre: Coming of Age, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, High School, School Life.
Date: 09 2004
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Nao is a second grade student in junior high school, whose also the leader of the Digital Camera Club – which only consists of two members. Her favorite place for taking pictures is the roof of the school building, where she prefers to photograph the sky and clouds only. One day, she`s going to the roof as usual and finds a cat which is able to control the wind to fly. Nao is so surprised that she slips off of the roof…. There is also Miki, the best friend of Nao and the second member of the Digital Camera Club, Mr. Taiki, the one who taught the cat how to handle the wind, there`s Ryoko, who holds some love towards Mr. Taiki, as well as Jun, who is going to help Nao and Miki finding the flying cat again and there`s Yukio, the wife of Mr. Taiki‚Äôs dead brother. In the hidden “”village of the wind driver”” – which is located in the suburbs of the metropolitan – the festival of the wind begins.

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