Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA, ??? TOKYO REVELATIONS

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Space Travel, Super Power, Swordplay.
Date: 11 2007
Episodes: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A separate project from the Tsubasa Chronicle anime, this time handled by Production I.G. and Nanase/Ageha Ohkawa (CLAMP’s scriptwriter), Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS are three 25-minutes OVAs covering the Tokyo Arc, which should have taken place in the anime after episode 42. Each of the three DVDs will only be sold in Japan in a special limited edition together with volumes 21, 22 and 23 of the manga. When Sakura, Syaoran, Fye, Kurogane and Mokona arrive in a strange and desolate desertic world and meet a mysterious hooded group, little can they imagine that the inevitable events that will take place in this world will make their journey take a dramatic turn and change their lives forever…

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