The Virgin Mary Is Watching You ~Spring~

The Virgin Mary Is Watching You ~Spring~, ????????~?~, Maria-sama ga Miteru: Haru

Genre: Coming of Age, High School, School Life, Shoujo.
Date: 07 2004
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Maria-sama ga Miteru is based on a series of novels by Konno Oyuki, about girls who attend Lillian Girls` Academy, a Catholic school. Lillian Academy`s Student Council is called the Mountain Lily Council. The Council is composed of three girls, each of whom takes a flower title: Rosa Gigantea (white); Rosa Sinensis (red); Rosa Foetida (yellow). Each Rosa can take a junior, referred to as “”Rosa … en bouton”” [burgeoning rose]. Each “”en bouton”” is allowed to pick a junior, referred to as “”Rosa … en bouton petite soeur.”” The usual pattern is a senior student as Rosa, a second-year student as “”en bouton”” and a first-year student as “”petite soeur”” [little sister]. The heroine of the story, Fukuzawa Yumi, is a cute first-year student at Lillian Academy, who is also the `petite soeur` of Sachiko (the “”Rosa Shinensis en bouton””). The series is based around the lives of the other Mountain Lily Council members. With the entry of Sachiko`s distant relative, Matsudaira Touko, Yumi`s position as Sachiko`s `petite soeur` is threatened. Yumi desperately tries to keep Sachiko`s waning attention, praying that people`s feelings, unlike a chrysanthemum`s color, don`t change.

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