The King Of Fighters: Another Day ONA

The King Of Fighters: Another Day ONA, ?·???·??·?????? ??????, KOF: Another Day

Genre: Action, Martial Arts.
Date: 12 2005
Episodes: 4
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The four episodes are set in Southtown, the imaginary city well known to all fans as the stage of numerous death matches throughout the KOF series. Many past heroes of the saga make their appearance here, and the four plots intertwine to create a large-scale drama, that is also linked to the story of KOF Maximum Impact 2. The animation is produced by Production I.G`s Studio 9, which is known for the Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. series. The crew includes director Masaki Tachibana and character designer Makoto Shimomura.

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