Texhnolyze, TEXHNOLYZE, t?knol?iz, ?????????, ??????

Genre: Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Gunfights, SciFi, Seinen.
Date: 04 2003
Episodes: 22
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: RYUKYUSU (LUX) is a forsaken City where despair and violence is widespread. There lives Ichise, a boy who carves his life in gamble boxing to live, Ran, a girl who sees the near future and Oonishi Kyogo, the leader of ORUGANO who can hear the “”Voice of the Town””. LUX is governed by force by ORUGANO, a battle equipped working class organization, led by Kalis Makimata, the Citizen Salvation Alliance. However a team of youths proclaiming freedom, RAKAN, parting themselves from the LUX, create their own community, GABE. Despite of the quarrel and clash between ORUGANO and RAKAN, the delicate balance of the town is maintained simply because LUX requires the roles from both of them. There exists RAFIA, a rare material that connects the human body, a necessity to Texhnolyze, the sole purpose of existence for this forsaken town. The town symbol Obelisk silently watches the chaos.

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