Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie,

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie,
Date: August 8 1994
Episodes: Unknown
Language: English

Synopsis: M. Bison, the leader of a criminal organization called Shadowlaw, is in search for strong fighters around the globe to take into his army and aid him on his quest for world domination. Among these fighters is a wanderer, a young man named Ryu, who possess great skills and abilities and whom Bison wants the most. Ryu, on the other hand, has no knowledge whatsoever of the evil force stalking him. Roaming the earth with nothing but his knapsack and will to get stronger, Ryu continues to fight, honing his skills and making new friends along the way. Meanwhile, a joint Shadowlaw Investigation between the Chinese Interpol and US Military was formed to stop Shadowlaw once and for all. Bison, not wanting any hindrances on his objectives, decided to act early, sending his spies and henchmen to take care of the problem. However, little does Bison know that his fate is already sealed, and his diabolic actions only made matters worse for him and his empire?

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