Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie,

Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie,
Date: 2000
Episodes: Unknown
Language: English

Synopsis: Ken and Ryu, two street fighters raised as brothers by a martial arts master, have taken different paths: Ken is a practical, fun guy, while Ryu lives for the fight, always attempting to better himself. But with the power of the Hadou, Ryu has also gained a curse; the evil energies of the Dark Hadou hide within, threatening to consume him. When Ken and Ryu`s master dies mysteriously, the two are reunited, and meet the young Shun; he claims to be Ryu`s brother, and has the martial arts prowess to prove it. But at the same time, the powers of the Dark Hadou seem to be building within Ryu, and there is something suspicious about Shun… is he who he says he is, and does he harbor demons even greater than Ryu`s? When Shun is then kidnapped, Ken and Ryu are joined by Chun Li, an Interpol agent seeking to avenge her father`s death by infiltrating the evil Shadowlaw organization, and the group are sucked into a dangerous journey seeking answers, a journey leading to Dark powers and a confrontation with the evil Akuma…

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