Soul Link

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Genre: Action, Breasts, Ecchi, Gunfights, Harem, Large Breasts, Pantsu, Romance, SciFi, Seinen.
Date: 04 2006
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: * Based on a game by NAVEL Aries, an old tourist space station outside Earth`s orbit doubles as a preparatory training facility for the Central Military Academy students, the temporary home of Aizawa Ryota, a third year, and his classmates, including his love interest, Nagase Sayaka, his unacknowledged rival, Nittak Kazuhiko, and the proclaimed genius Aizawa Shuhei, his older brother. The space station is attacked by the terrorist group, Hallarax, and after helping in the evacuation of the majority of the civilians and staff, Ryota, his friends, and a handful of others are left to battle for control of the space station as Hallarax threatens Earth with nuclear retribution. Holed up in a separate section of the station, the group holds their own against the terrorists until the emergence of a third enemy, wrought with treachery and greed, creates unlikely bonds of camaraderie in the struggle to protect themselves, each other, and ultimately, Earth.

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