Rune Soldier

Rune Soldier, ???????, Mahou Senshi Louie

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Large Breasts, Magic, Swordplay.
Date: 04 2001
Episodes: 24
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Sorcerer Louie, is one man who by looks is nothing like a sorcerer. He dreams of going on adventures, and one day bumps into a group of young female ‘adventurers’, Priestess Melissa, Thief Mirel and Paladin Jeani. Louie tries to become partners and join the girls on their adventures, but is swiftly denied. Louie, who never gives up, goes to Melissa’s sanctuary, to try and persuade her. There, Melissa had a relevation from her god that Louie is the champion she is supposed to serve. With this, the girls had no choice but to reluctantly accept Louie as their fellow adventurer…

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