Rosario To Vampire

Rosario To Vampire, ??????????, Rosario + Vampire, ???????

Genre: Demons, Fantasy, Harem, Pantsu, Romance, Vampires.
Date: 01 2008
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Tsukune Aono is a painfully average high school freshman who is unable to get into any private schools due to his disappointing grades. The only school that he is finally accepted into turns out to be a secret school for supernatural monsters (yokai) who are in disguise as humans. The first student that Tsukune meets is the beautiful Moka Akashiya, who takes an immediate liking to him for an unusual reason; she is a vampire and is attracted to the sweet taste of his human blood. Tsukune quickly realizes that his admission into a monster school must have been a mistake and fears for his life.

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