Ramen Fighter Miki

Ramen Fighter Miki, Muteki Kanban Musume, ?????, ?????

Genre: Action, Comedy, Cooking, Martial Arts, Parody, Shounen, Slapstick.
Date: 07 2006
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on a manga by Jun Sadogawa, serialised in Weekly Shounen Champion. Onimaru Miki is a daughter of a Chinese Ramen-Restaurant, and she helps her mother to run the restaurant. She is supposed to be a Kamban Musume, or a poster girl, of the restaurant. However, she likes to fight and always makes troubles. Whether is she useful for the restaurant or not? This is a daily comedy revolves around Miki, and other unique characters. For example, Ohta Akio is a son of a vegetable store, and he is an otaku of Ranger series. Kannazuki Megumi is another Kanban Musume of a bakery store. At first glance, she is quite and cute, but actually she is a dissembler. She thinks Miki of her rival, and she disturbs Miki’s job in various dirty way.

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