Psychic Academy

Psychic Academy, ??????????????, Psychic Academy Aura Banshou

Genre: Ecchi, Large Breasts, Love Polygon, Magic, Pantsu, Romance, School Life, Super Power.
Date: 03 2002
Episodes: 24
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Psychic Academy is an online anime debuted on Lycos Japan, and each episode has a duration about 10 minutes. In 21st century, a new standard which allow to categorize a person as a gifted one is established. This can be done by measuring his/her special power called “”aura””. Saikikku academy is a government owned special education for gifted children. The entrance into the school regulation is carried out by judging the aura characteristic of a person. Although the background story of the anime looks serious, it’s actually a high-school-love-comedy genre.

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