Pilot Candidate

Pilot Candidate, Candidate for Goddess, Megami Kouhosei, ?????

Genre: Action, Aliens, Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi.
Date: 2000
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The world is being attacked by the mysterious “”Victims”” – giant space monsters sent to destroy Zion and all its inhabitants. Zion`s only defense are the five Goddesses – sentient mechas, each bonded to her own pilot and repairer. With a high pilot turnover, it`s up to the Goddess Academy (GOA) to train young candidates with gifted abilities (called EX) to one day become a pilot of a Goddess. Candidate #88, Zero has just joined the GOA and deep, dark mysteries and secrets soon unfold between Zero, the pilots & candidates, and the Goddess Ingrid as the Victims press their attack.

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