Piano: The Melody Of A Young Girl’s Heart

Piano: The Melody Of A Young Girl’s Heart, Piano TV

Genre: Drama, Romance.
Date: November 11 2002
Episodes: 10
Language: English

Casts: The Right Stuf International

Synopsis: From director Norihiko Sudo (an assistant on the critically acclaimed GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES), the coming-of-age romance PIANO: THE MELODY OF A YOUNG GIRL`S HEART is an anime series that explores the connection between music and human emotions. Miu Nomura has played the piano ever since she was a girl. But now, as an introverted teenager, she no longer plays with the passion or desire that she used to, frustrating her teacher Mr. Shirakawa. Much of her time is spent daydreaming about Takahashi, an upperclassman she has developed a crush on. But when her best friend Yuki also falls for one of the boys at school and begins to ignore Miu`s troubles, her piano seems to be the only thing to turn to.

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