Petopeto-san, ??????, ?????

Genre: Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Middle School, School, Seinen, Slapstick.
Date: 07 2005
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A boy and girl lie together on a futon, seemingly holding hands. How did this happen? Go back to school earlier that day. The class is out swimming in the pool when that girl, trying to get away from a bug, falls into the pool. The boy grabs her hand and ends up falling in along with her… the girl just transferred to the school 2 weeks earlier. She`s Hatoko Fujimura, a petopeto-san. What`s a Petopeto-san? Just like the name implies, they`re rather sticky sort, and if someone grabs on hard enough they`ll get stuck together and the only thing that`ll fix it is sleep…

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