Noein ~to Your Other Self~

Noein ~to Your Other Self~, ???? ????????, Noein – Mou Hitori no Kimi e

Genre: Parallel Universe, SciFi.
Date: 10 2005
Episodes: 24
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: As a child, Haruka saw ghosts and specters. She realized in her twelfth year, after observing a certain white haired, black cloaked man standing on the cross of a church, that what she was seeing were not ghosts. Soon after this first sighting, time stopped in the middle of a quarrel between herself and her childhood friend Yuu Gotou, and the man appeared before her again, surrounded by ‘blue snow’, calling her the ‘Dragon’s Torque.’ A ghost hunt for the ‘black caped ghost’, initiated by her school friend Miho Mukai, finds Haruka and Yuu face to face with him once more: Karasu, an alternate Yuu from a different dimension, fifteen years from the future. Karasu’s a Dragon Knight from the dimension called La’cryma, trying prevent it’s destruction at the hand of the masked man of Shangri’la. To save La’cryma, he must capture Haruka, which sends his emotions into chaos, as she resembles the Haruka of his dimension that he’d failed to protect in the struggle against Shangri’la. Shangri’la’s intentions to create an ideal timespace by destroying and assimilating all possible dimensions requires Haruka’s power to manipulate timespaces, while La’cryma needs her power to thwart Shangri’la’s plans. Haruka, Yuu, and their friends are swept up in a clash between ideals, quantum physics, greed, and mankind’s inherit desire to survive as they struggle to understand the concept of infinite parallel dimensions and the changes in their own.

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