Mujin Wakusei Survive

Mujin Wakusei Survive, ?????????, Survive! – Uninhabited Planet, Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE, Uninhabited Planet Survival

Genre: Adventure, Aliens, Angst, SciFi, Thriller.
Date: 10 2003
Episodes: 52
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story takes place in the 22nd century where anti-gravity and warp travel technology are practically can be used for space exploration. However, due to environmental damage and tectonic plate movements, the green Earth only exists in history book. People live in space colonies and on all sorts of planets.Luna, 14 years old, is a transfer student whose parents passed away when she was young leaving her alone with a robotic cat, Chako. Her dream is to become space exploration expert like her parents. Together with Runa: the introvert Shaara, the mechanic expert Shingo, the quiet Kaoru, the bad spoiled Howard, the obedient Bell, and the prideful student counselor Menori, they are all drifted to an uninhabited planet…A day in the 22nd centurySeven youngsters and a robot cat, thrown in to an uninhabited planetThe battle for their survival starts.

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