Miracle Girls

Miracle Girls, ?????????

Genre: Comedy, Magic, Romance, Shoujo.
Date: 01 1993
Episodes: 51
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Matsunaga Tomomi and Matsunaga Mikage are twins with completely different personalities. Tomomi shows a tomboy attitude with a love for sports and short hair. Mikage is more feminine with her hair long and dressier clothes. She is also a stronger student – even if she does have the tendency to occasionally blow up the Chemistry club. Both of the girls have boyfriends. Tomomi tends to be less romantic than her sister, but she cares for her boyfriend. What makes these girls different is their psychic powers. They both have limited telekinesis, can communicate with each other via telepathy and can even teleport when they cooperate. Miracle Girls focuses on the relationships of the twins and the scrapes they get into when they use their powers.

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