Midori Days Dub In Volumes

Midori Days Dub In Volumes, ?????, Midori no Hibi

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, ecchi.
Date: April 3 2004
Episodes: 13
Language: English

Casts: Viz Media

Synopsis: Meet Seiji Sawamura. As far as most people are concerned, he`s one of the toughest, roughest delinquents around, feared for his infamous punch, the `Devil`s Right Hand`. However, all Seiji wants is a girlfriend to love, which is easier said than done, since to date, 20 girls have dumped him. He fears that his only companion will be his right hand. Enter Midori Kasugano. This girl from a wealthy family has had a crush on Seiji for some time now, but has never been able to tell him so. One day, Seiji wakes to find that his right hand has been turned into a girl, and that girl is none other than Midori. Needless to say, Seiji is shocked and Midori is giddy.

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