Mew Mew Power

Mew Mew Power, ????????, Tokyo Mew Mew

Genre: Action, Aliens, Cat Girls, Contemporary Fantasy, Humanoid, Juujin, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Shoujo, Super Power, Waitresses.
Date: 04 2002
Episodes: 52
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Momomiya Ichigo is just an ordinary eleven years old girl until an incident at a museum during her first date. The accident, which merges her DNA with wildcats, is actually a part of the “”Mew Project”” to protect the earth from danger. Momomiya Ichigo, code name strawberry, along with four other chosen girls: mint (Minto Aizawa), lettuce (Retasu Midorikawa), pudding (Purin) and pomegranate (Zakuro Fujiwara) now have to protect the earth and learn about their mysterious enemy using the Cafe Mew Mew as their base of operations.

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