Massugu Ni Ikou

Massugu Ni Ikou, Go forward, Let`s go straight ahead!, ?????????

Genre: Comedy, Daily Life.
Date: 08 2003
Episodes: 4
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A talking dog is a beautiful story that you should have dreamt of as a child. But if you have forgotten about it, this is a reminder of that fable story. This is the story of a dog that talks, but ordinary people cannot hear his voice. The main character, Mametaro, is an adventurous crossbreed dog. He loves his owner, Iku-chan and his girlfriend Hanako-chan very much. However, he just cannot stand Iku-chan`s friend, Akiyoshi. During this story, which will be told from Mametaro`s point of view, the warm days of spring are finally here. The school and the riverbank, which is actually just an ordinary neighborhood for people, seems like a mysterious world that extends infinitely to little Mametaro and his friends.

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