Magikano, ????, Majikano, ?????????, ?????

Genre: Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Seinen, Slapstick.
Date: 01 2006
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on Takeaki Momose’s manga. Yoshikawa Haruo is your everyday junior high school student. No, strictly speaking, he is very stupid. His only pride is a full attendance record, and his hope for the future is longevity. Haruo is living peacefully with his three cute little sisters, but not for long. One day, a beautiful girl, Mamiya Ayumi, transfers to his class. Somehow, she comes to live in his house as a maid. In fact, Ayumi is a witch, and she is cursed. To break her curse she needs Haruo’s latent magical power, and she plots to awaken it. However, Haruo’s three little sisters get in her way and protect him. Surprisingly, they’re also witches. Haruo’s peaceful days turn into turmoil. Will he break Ayumi’s mysterious curse? And what happened in Haruo and Ayumi’s past?

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